I work tomorrow from 9 to 5 and I think we’re celebrating my sisters birthday after. I want to go to the gym and I’m also supposed to go watch movies and spend the night at a friends house so I don’t feel like the gym is going to get in at all. I may just be late to my friends were probably staying up all night anyway. If I don’t go tomorrow im just going to go for an extra long time on Sunday before work. I just want to feel good and lose more weight. I just have to get my eating back on track, too, and soon. Also I have a job interview on Tuesday at aldi, which is a grocery store that sells off brand food and similar products and I’m excited cause a new job would be awesome and you get payed $11.25 an hour but I’m nervous and I really hope it goes well and I’m also nervous to potentially and hopefully get the job, but leave the current job I have. I’m also getting kind of nervous about getting a job for my work study at school this fall. FHWUEIEJFJSIEJFBDU Wish me luck and all things good everyone!